Are you still using outdated DEI strategies? 

Have you ever tried to undo a problem that took you years to create in one day? We’re all guilty of it.  

It’s like that friend who is inspired to follow through on a clean-eating diet after a lifetime of mindless eating. Although virtuous, her motivation to do better will fail after day three – that is, if she even makes it that far.  

“Give yourself grace.” That’s what my heart sings when I think about you attempting to execute your one DEI policy to resolve every possible challenge that has amassed in your workplace over the years (and that does not include the hundreds of years of cultural programming).  

There is much to unpack, revisit and rewrite when it comes to DEI, and I aim to help you lean into this work.  

The truth is that your DEI approach may be tainted with older systems (beliefs, cultural constructs, and attitudes) that don’t support your new company vision, mission, and goals, especially concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

So, What’s Next? 

So just like developing a new habit of clean eating, you must create a habit of implementing DEI Projects the right way. Instead of falling into old patterns and outdated systems and practices, look at your current DEI Projects to identify actionable steps that can shift the needle with DEI for you and your team.  

Like how you must identify new foods to eat, you must identify new strategies. In the same way, you would make meal plans and have an accountability partner; you have plans for your team and keep abreast with implementation.   

With a clean eating habit, you would assess your progress at the end of every week by looking at key change indicators, like daily stamina, ability to focus, or weight loss. Do you still have fatigue at 3 pm or crave sugar on the drive home? Likewise, your DEI plan would lead you to reflect on all your initiatives. Has company morale improved? How are the employee engagement and team collaboration initiatives? Has it improved to produce a positive increase in sales or customer satisfaction surveys? Pay attention to the tangible outcomes that develop as a result of your DEI strategies. 

DEI Reflection – Are You Using Outdated DEI Strategies? 

The DEI bottom line is that to see DEI transformation in the workplace; it takes time, intentionality, and consistency to create long-lasting change. DEI strategies are not one-size-fits and should be specific to your company’s vision, mission, values, and goals. When DEI is done right, it accelerates business growth.  

You know you need a new DEI strategy, but are you still using outdated strategies? Outdated DEI strategies will prevent you from making an impact, so let’s update your approach. 

Ask yourself: “Is your DEI strategy aligned with the company’s mission and vision?” 

 If your goal is to create impactful change within your organization and its culture, but this isn’t reflected in your current DEI strategy or initiatives, then it might be time for some updates! It’s never too late to start. I’m here for it. 

 If you want to learn more about DEI and how to implement DEI in the workplace, schedule a consultation. I’ll help you create a practical action plan with the change indicators that align with your business goals. 

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